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Ice Cream Machine
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You can easily make Haagen-Dazs at home

No pre-cooling required

Save your time by making delicious food faster with no prep time. You can play with your family and enjoy homemade frozen yogurt sorbet or ready-to-eat fruit desserts!

Adjustment of softness

Allows you to adjust the softness or hardness of the ice cream to your desired preference.

6 hours to keep cold

One button start, automatic operation, no need to watch all the time after start, so you can easily do other things. Keeps cool for up to 6 hours after making!

Quality materials

The use of food-grade liner, the use of peace of mind, high specification materials, safety and peace of mind

Easy cleaning

1、 The four corners of the knob inside the lid, Gently turn towards OPEN twist off, turn loose.
2、 After the knob is unscrewed, Take out the parts.
3、 Gently separate the transparent cover and The head can be cleaned easily.

Product parameters

Inner liner capacity: 500ML
Rated power: 60W
Product size: 154×200×204mm
Net weight: 2.5kg

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